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Ingenico EMV Cradle
EMV cradle for Enterprise Cases and Full Metal Jacket 3.0 Enclosures
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The Ingenico iCMP EMV Cradle enables full integration with the Enterprise Tablet Pro Kiosk and the Full Metal Jacket 3.0 Enclosure, creating a POS solution that is fully secure, mobile and interactive.


• Easy to install and remove while being fully secure
• Charges the Ingenico iCMP EMV when in the cradle
• Provides wired data connectivity to the Ingenico iCMP EMV
• Supports multiple tablets and operating systems


• Complete user mobility
• Designed to stay secure in busy environments
• Simple, single hand motion to remove the EMV reader from
  the cradle to give to customers
• EMV has access to charger and power
• Choice of wired and wireless data connections




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