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Client BMW

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Trade Shows present various challenges, from rushes of people to those who would rather pick up a pamphlet than talk, BMW needed a solution to reach all visitors of the booth.

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White Evolve iPad Lock Kiosk


IFA Berlin is one of the worlds largest consumer electronics trade shows in the world, with nearly 1500 exhibitors BMW was looking for something to help them stand out from the shear number of booths. Using Evolve iPad lock display enclosures from ArmorActive this goal was accomplished with ease. The trade show environment is all about the hustle and bustle, visitors come in waves and it is sometimes difficult for booth staff to talk with everyone. This is where having iPad kiosks with digital content can provide huge benefit to trade show goers. For relatively minimal costs, simply the iPad, an enclosure, and free iPad lock kiosk app, you can now reach more people during the busy times and those who would prefer a low key medium to receive the same information.

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