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Hardware Leasing

Our leasing program offers our clients a strategic alternative to making large purchases by
leveraging credit. Whether optimizing cash flow or reallocating budgets, leasing is an economical
solution to enabling the execution of a large tablet kiosk deployment.

5 Ways Hardware Leasing is a Win for Your Business


Low Cash Down Payments

Minimize your up-front costs by taking advantage of leasing; typically only the first month’s payment and fees are required up-front. This allows you to free up precious capital, while allocating the cost of hardware over the term of the lease.

Preserves Credit Lines

Many times large hardware purchases require dipping into cash reserves oraccessing lines of credit. Leasing through ArmorActive allows you to keep these reserves full, or creditlines available for other business opportunities.

Provides Tax Savings

When products are leased the assets are not depreciated over time, most often the entire lease payment on hardware can be qualified as a tax write off*.

Maximize Budget Options

Budgets can be a four-letter word for most businesses, but with leasing you can maximize your project budget and get more bang for your buck. Leasing allows you to get your hardware for a low monthly payment over a multi-year term.

Guard Against Obsolescence

Leasing provides options that mitigate the challenges encountered with assets becoming obsolete. The ability to return, purchase, or trade out equipment at the end of the lease protects you from being tied to out of date technology.

ArmorActive Leasing – The Basics

Get Financed in 4 Easy Steps:

Complete our 30 second application
We will email you your lease documents shortly
based upon approval
Simply Sign and Fax or Email the leasing documents back
You’re done! When your equipment ships you will receive a call to verify the arrival of your equipment.

Types of ArmorActive Leases

At ArmorActive we offer two types of leases, each lease
offers unique and valuable benefits.


Gives you the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for one dollar. The $1 buyout is our most popular hardware leasing solution.


Offers accelerated first year tax deductions under Section 179 of the tax code*. At the end of an FMV Lease the option exists to Purchase,Return, or Refresh the equipment for fair market value.

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