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The ArmorActive Pipeline Kiosk System is a highly flexible tablet mounting solution providing a robust, modern customer experience.

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Enterprise Tablet Pro™ - For Microsoft Surface 3 Kiosk
Designed and engineered to ‘retail proof’ the Microsoft Surface 3.

Designed and engineered to ‘retail proof’ the Microsoft Surface 3, the ArmorActive Enterprise Tablet Pro™ was engineered to eliminate the current challenges of tablet deployments for business applications allowing full interactivity and connectivity for any business application within multiple vertical markets.


A fully integrated Microsoft Surface 3 kiosk system that offers complete security, integration and connectivity — all while maintaining the mobility, simplicity and ease-of-use that makes the Surface 3 such a revolutionary tool for businesses.




Easy to Interact
with Tablet

  • Multiple orientations allows for integrated use, enhancing the sales or presentation experience:
  • Rotate to portrait or landscape orientation
  • Swivel ‘Lazy-Susan’ rotation from 180° to 0 to 180°
  • Tilt 90° for ‘table top’ orientation
  • Quick release with integrated hand strap behind case — allows easy, single-hand hold or carry

Easy Release RFID Card Locking Technology

  • Unlocks with one swipe for single hand release
  • Auto-locks and charges when inserted into base
  • Tablet Quick Release feature in event of a power outage means you’re always in control of your technology
  • Easy to read LED system:
    • Green LED = connected, secure and charging
    • Orange LED = Tablet Pro Case™ unlocked 
    • Red LED = Tablet Pro Case™ is removed 


  • Proprietary connection feature both secures and powers the tablet, making it simple and easy to set up.
  • Optional accessory integration
  • Turns tablets into fully functional workstations:
    • Multiple USB 2.0 inputs allowing for: multi-screen set-up, keyboard, mouse
    • Ethernet (RJ45)
    • HDMI for network integrations

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