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Sammys Cafe





Sammy's Cafe            

Client Need


Sammy’s has always been a trendy and new age place for young people to spend time enjoying music and food. Using the iPad and Square Register system they were able to upgrade their Point of Sale solution to match the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Product Line(s)


Gravity Cradle iPad Stand
Strata Swipe + Square
Square Register App



Sammy’s is famous for its pie shakes and music centered atmosphere. After opening the first location in Provo Utah, near the BYU campus, Sammy’s has expanded to several locations throughout Utah and Idaho. With such a young and vibrant atmosphere an iPad POS solution was a natural fit for Sammy’s! Owner Sam Schultz commented “I think [the iPad POS] is hip, cool, and kinda sexy!”


Small business owners throughout the world are starting to see the benefits this simple and clean iPad solution can provide. But if you think this revolution is limited to small business think again, clients large and small are beginning to capitalize on the opportunities of iPad POS. See the Starbucks blog post.