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RapidDoc Pro Kiosk with Elite Enclosure for 10 inch Black
RapidDoc Pro Kiosk with Elite Plastic Enclosure for 10" in Black
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RapidDoc Pro Kiosk

Mount RapidDoc Pro Kiosk directly onto a counter or table. Provides Ethernet, with power and USB connections for up to 8 peripherals. Supports ArmorActive Elite Enclosures. Simply change the enclosure for future upgrades as new tablets are introduced into the marketplace.


• Rapid and secure single-handed tablet docking and undocking

  - Robust design allows for thousands of docks and survives a smash-and-grab theft attempt

  - RFID unlocks your tablet for mobility use cases

  - Enable any user authentication method e.g. User name and password, Biometric (Fingerprint), Near-frequency communication (NFC), etc.

• Flip the tablet for customer interaction

• Integrated hand strap reduces stress and fatigue on a user’s arm

• Lower Total Cost of ownership though modularity

   - Multiple configurations cover all use cases

   - Simply change the enclosure when your needs or tablets change

• Multiple Mounting Options

   -  VHB (Very High Bond) tape secures to most surfaces without drilling holes, included

   -  Install a Metal plate on the counter, and release with a security screw for maintenance, included

   -  Optional 3-inch Thru-hole counter mount, hides your cables under the counter (purchased separately)


• Tablet can flip through 310° of rotation

• Supports wired or wireless Ethernet connectivity

• Full power and data integration through USB for up to 8 peripherals

• Comes with 24V Power Supply for the Kiosk, tablet and up to 8 peripherals

• Support for  Windows and Android based tablets from major manufacturers

• High strength magnets pull the tablet into place; metal latches secure your tablet

• Proprietary RFID unlock technology supports up to 20 users included in the box

• Enable any user authentication method through the RapidDoc Software Development Kit


The Elite Enclosure is a polycarbonate ABS design with superior strength and flexibility. Integrate up to 2 peripherals onto the enclosure through a Universal Accessory Interface (UAI).





Easy to Interact
with Tablet

  • 180° flip functionality
    • Provides a simple and smooth customer interaction
  • Integrated hand-strap for one-handed operation
    • Reduces stress on user’s arm
  • Portrait & Landscape Orientations
    • Easily adjust to portrait or landscape mode based on software application/responsive design

Flexible and Secure User Authentication

  • Quick and easy docking and undocking tablets
    • Provides mobility while reducing damage to the tablet
  • Tablet release with RFID cards, or customizable software options:
    • Pin code, User Password
    • Bio-metric, NFC via tablet
  • Powers and recharges tablet when docked
    • Keeps the tablet ready for business
    • Prevents unauthorized use or theft
  • Easy to read LED system
    • Green= connected, secured and charging
    • Red= Tablet Case is removed


  • Multiple Mounting Options
    • Table Top Kiosk, Wall, or VESA Mounting options
  • 6 concealed USB 2.0 Ports
    • Ability to connect printer, EMV, cash drawer, etc.
  • Wired Ethernet connectivity
    • Turns tablets into fully functional workstations
  • Full power and data technology
    • Protects customer information from Wi-FI and Bluetooth interference

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