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ECM evolution: Improving efficiency and patient care in the healthcare industry


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is one example of an IT solution that is having a great impact on the healthcare industry and how it operates.

ECM is a tool to capture, store and manage content across an organization. ECM started as a departmental document management solution in administrative and financial departments. What was initially referred to as “imaging and document management,” ECM concentrated on scanning and electronically storing paper content to help departments reduce storage costs and recover valuable space. Over time, it grew to include workflows, business process management and case management capabilities that help to accelerate business processes, saving time and resources.

The introduction of ECM not only has an impact on efficiency for a healthcare organization, but also on patient care. It’s still a familiar sight to see medical office staff hand a patient a clipboard of forms. It’s not very common though for patients to receive a mobile tablet device that contains electronic versions of all of the relevant forms they need to review, complete and sign.

However, increasing access to mobile platforms, tablets and smartphones are driving the growth of the mobile health market in Asia-Pacific. A report by P&S Market Research states that the market of mobile health in the region is expected to witness the fastest growth globally between now and 2022.  These devices are helping to deliver content that auto fills the forms with the patient information that’s already on file, so patients do not have to input redundant information, making for a better experience. And, because ECM electronically captures the content, complete and accurate patient information is instantly available. Read the full article here

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