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The Latest Point-Of-Sale Technologies Meet Customers Anytime and Anywhere


Retail point-of-sale (POS) systems, which long ago made a big leap beyond the cash register, are again evolving to the next level.

The latest technologies in the space not only track sales and inventory, but will also work hand-in-hand with retail marketing and merchandising initiatives and customer relations. Mobile, omni-channel and cloud-based POS systems are other fast-growing trends in the space. And then there are the new EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chip card reader security protocols, which haven’t been the smoothest of rollouts here in the United States.

So with plenty to talk about, we checked in with some of the top POS providers in the active lifestyle retail space to see where they predict the trends are heading for this year and beyond.

Beyond The Sale
Today’s POS systems do much more than track a sale and update inventory. Now, an entire suite of accompanying software and systems can help retailers make decisions about when they should reorder based on seasonal trends, or which customers need a nudge.

“They’re all things to make the retailer more efficient,” said David Albert, president at Retail Control Systems (RCS), which sells and services the NCR Counterpoint POS system. Read the full article here


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